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What is Oily/Shiny skin?

With the arrival of adolescence the body undergoes fundamental changes. Oily and shiny skin is one of the most common skin problems affecting a reported 85% of adolescents.

This problem continues after the teen years as recent market research has shown 11% of women suffer from oily/shiny skin and almost a third of women rank facial shine as a major issue. An oily/shiny face is a worry for men too.

Oily/Shiny skin is characterised by an excessive amount of oil or sebum. A hormone (testosterone) stimulates the sebaceous glands, which produce too much sebum.

This increased sebum production is usually associated with acne, and often relates to acne severity. Severe acne is always associated with intense seborrhoea; conversely, when sebum production is very low, the disease has a correspondingly low profile.

Oily/Shiny skin has a major impact on self-confidence. Facial oil causes make-up to streak and run and acne sufferers say it is just as distressing as having spots.

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