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OC8 in your daily skincare routine
OC8 Oil Control Genius

OC8 fits perfectly into your daily skincare routine, simply cleanse & tone as normal and OC8.

Applying OC8: Gently massage OC8 into the face with light circular movements, paying particular attention to the forehead and nose (t-zone).

OC8 has been formulated with a light moisturising base. So you don't need to use a moisturiser.

OC8 is an ideal foundation for make-up (use oil-free brands).

OC8 works for up to 8 hours but if required can be re-applied anytime during the day or evening.

More good news! Being alcohol free, OC8 won't cause skin irritation or a feeling of tightness. And you'll be glad to hear OC8 is also non-comedogenic, which means it does not encourage spot formation.

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