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If I use OC8 do I still need to apply a moisturiser?

No, OC8 has been formulated with a light moisturising base. So you don't need to use a moisturiser.

Can I use OC8 underneath my make-up?

Yes, OC8 provides an ideal foundation for make-up. Make sure you choose oil-free brands.

Can I use OC8 more than once a day?

Yes, it can be reapplied if required anytime during the day or evening.

Where can I purchase OC8?

Click the “Buy OC Eight Now” button on the left to buy OC8 on-line.

I am currently using a topical medicine for acne, is it OK to use OC8 with this?

Yes, OC8 is compatible with topical anti-acne medicines.

If you would like to ask your own questions about OC8 please visit our 'contact us' section.
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